Exercise Thinking ...

Otium, meaning 'leisure'. This word is not to be seen as we know it in our modern life, but as it is known in Seneca's times: 'studious leisure'; studying politics, nature, law, philosophy, sociology, etc. 

This simple word defines our blog really well as our group believe knowledge is the best way to develop a critical mind which is necessary to think outside the box and to understand our current society.​

Today most people believe laziness is the worst thing ever; a waste of time where everything has to be consumed here and now, time is running out, it's as if we have time for nothing. Otium is the opposite, the antipodes of this fast-paced world where reading, contemplation and meditation on human being and his environment are important and can be seen as a way to wisdom and tolerance.

You understood it, we intend here to tackle various subjects, but the common point to the different themes is that we make a point of honor to go against the current and to analyze from an original point of view. Nonetheless our goal being not to contradict at all costs, we will take care to judge as little as possible. In final, the aim of this blog is to take time 'Otium' to exercise thinking ...

So, ready to think with us?

Welcome to Otium   ...   Welcome to Studious Leisure